More than Just Lobster started the way any good restaurant should: a lot of hungry friends. A summer day, a back yard filled with hungry friends, a cooler full of beer, and a desire for flavor-filled seafood. Within minutes of the first time the food came out every lobster, crab, ear of corn, and every ounce of mac n’ cheese was gone.

Weeks later the crew was back in the same backyard, and they came starving. Nearly fifty lbs. of seafood were gone in minutes. Friends and churches started asking for catering, people traveling in to block parties when they knew whose house the food was coming from, and it grew faster than you could imagine.

So back in Brooklyn the decision was made to get some formal training and make a run at being a Cajun inspired seafood chef. Now years later, More Than Just Lobster is becoming one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in New England. The go-to caterer for the Yard Goats, the musicians pick of Connecticut Jazz festivals, and the go to choice for townies and CEOs alike.

That’s what it is that makes More Than Just Lobster just better. It’s the highest quality seafood, using only top end ingredients and spices, and every dish is made with a real love for food. We haven’t forgotten what it means to cook for friends, family, and community. It’s just that our back yard is now your back yard too.

Quality. Community. Soul.

Interested in opening your own More Than Just Lobster?

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